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An Unforgettable Getaway for Wine Enthusiasts

Passionate about wine? Zen Recreations announces the 2017 Plantaže wine tour!

This awesome getaway is awash with sensory input and fun wine-related things to do. This is the perfect escape for wine enthusiasts in search of interesting experiences. Groups and couples truly enjoy sharing the experience! Plantaže's expert wine makers will guide you through the entire range of reds, whites, flavor subtleties, regional grapes and fantastic gourmet pairings. The Plantaže restaurant is famed for fantastic meals; the unique location, superb wine pairings and social atmosphere only enhance the experience and fun!

This productive and popular Mediterranean wine-producing area is set in a climate similar to central Italy. The tour is centered in Podgorica, a quick sprint to the gorgeous coastal areas of Montenegro. The whole area is scenic, relaxed, beachy and drenched with atmosphere.

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