Zen Recreations

Day 5

The wine making process and wine tasting

Education of the different tiers of wine

- Practical work and exercises
- Wine tasting
- Group discussions

Ultra-premium line of wines

9 am – 11 am

At 9 am today after breakfast we go to Plantaze where your education of the different tiers of wine begins with the vinyard’s Ultra-premium line of wines! You will get a chance to rub shoulders with the true connoisseurs and experts in the wine industry as you join in the wine - making process with experienced grape growers, vintners, and chefs. There is perhaps no better way to learn as you are offered “hands-on” activities to take your wine making knowledge to the next level.

Regroup at Cellar

11 am - 2.30 pm

We regroup at cellar “Lješko polje” and Indulge your finest senses in tasting wine with an introduction to the technology in the production of the Ultra Premium line of wines accompanied with Plantaze’s gourmet snacks.

You will participate in the work with experienced grape growers, vintners and chefs and you will gain not only an unforgettable experience of the creation of the most noble gift of nature, but you will get acquainted with culinary skills and learn enhanced techniques for matching wine with food. From those activities you will find out why in some cases you first pick wine for a certain dish, but in others, match a dish to a particular wine. This is serious experience that can be very experimental and – at the same time - highly amusing. We hope it removes any doubt about the quality of all premium wines accompanied with national gastronomic specialties.

Note: Participation in specific operations in the vineyard depends on the period of educational courses. Harvest of table grapes starts in July, and harvesting continues with wine grape varieties which last until the end of September.