Zen Recreations

Day 3

On-site demonstration in the vineyard 9 AM- 11AM

Following another hearty Montenegrin breakfast, we will take you back to Plantaze at 9 AM where your education of the different kinds of wine begins today with our classic line of wines!

You will be greeted by a specialist who will start the day’s activity in the vineyard with an on-site demonstration of picking table grapes vs wine grapes, green pruning operation, irrigation, viticulture and fruit production. You will be taken through the whole vinification process, from picking grapes to wine production and various processes of making red and white wines.

Cellar “Ćemovsko polje”  11AM- 2.30PM

11 am - 2.30 pm

We regroup at cellar “Ćemovsko polje” and indulge your finest senses in tasting wine with an introduction to the technology in the production of the vinyard’s classic line of wines accompanied with Plantaze’s gourmet snacks.

Through identifying the basic elements involved in the complex process of fermentation we are able to present the nature of wine (wine chemistry). You will be learning the secrets of life in the cellar, and all the different processes including the phase of preservation and nursing the wine which contribute to the quality of the wine.

 After theoretical and entertaining lectures, you are invited to participate in the process.

    2.30 pm

     We proceed to Plantaze’s restaurant for a late lunch to partake the chef’s finest specialties.