Zen Recreations

Day 6

An exhilarating ride up the mountain

Get ready for an exhilarating ride up the mountain with Klinci’s fresh wholesome and flavorful breakfast treats. Explore Cetinje, the former capital of Montenegro;

Visit  Cetinje Museum and monastery, first built in the 15th century and the home of education and culture. The Monastery treasures two great Christian relics: the hand of Saint John the Baptist and a piece of the Holy Cross.  

Lunch at Njeguš

Relax and enjoy traditional Montenegrin cuisine at Njegusi.

The fame of Njeguši ham goes back over 2 centuries, when the technique of smoking meat was developed in order to provide preserved food for a long time especially for the sailors of nearby Kotor. The natural microclimate in Njeguši, a combination of  altitude  (850 m)  and close proximity to the sea bringing  wet, dry and‘salty’air  provided the ideal conditions for smoking ham. A flavor so unique its rivaled only by jamòn iberico from Spain.

Njeguši  is the birth-place of spiritual leader and poet Njegoš.  Ruling as Petar 11 and founding the modern Montenegrin state he was most famous for his poetry. His most acclaimed works include The Mountain Wreath (an epic poem), The Ray of the Microcosm (a philosophical poem) and The False Tzar Stephen the Small. The Mountain Wreath, written in the Montenegrin vernacular, has synthesized much of the wisdom of the people and became a key literary symbol of the nation’s long struggle for freedom. Even nowadays in Montenegro, the proverbs and passages from the Mountain Wreath are used in everyday conversations to illustrate the universal human dilemmas.

After a full day its back to Klinci via the old Austrian “hair-pin” road where there will be photo breaks for taking pictures of spectacular Boka Bay, and a chance to enjoy the charming view.

The day draws blissfully to close with a Pizza Party at Klinci