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Costa Rica

Zen Recreations’ luxurious 11 day escape into Central America’s bioclimatic natural reserves will introduce you to Costa Rica’s exotic and astonishing natural vegetation and wildlife as well as provide matchless opportunities for exploration and adventure. You will be offered an exceptional variety of exciting activities unique to the rich ecological wonders of this delightful country. From hot geysers, volcanos, relaxing beaches and rainforests to treetop walks, kayaking and butterfly museums, there really is something for all tastes.  

If you are ready to travel with family, friends,school, organization, church or club, we have the knowledge and experience to help.We can also personalize the trip to fit your needs and interests. Enjoy our carefully developed itineraries and our low negotiated rates. If you can dream it,everything’s included: Large or small, take advantage of our competitive prices. Carefully selected hotels, transfers, guided touring, meals— choose your own dates! We will send you a link for online reservations & payments to make it simple for everyone to book and pay for the trip, and ask us about special benefits for tour leaders!

Our preferred flight booking agent can find you the lowest fares for your flight contact us anytime! Facebook messenger with any questions you may have or Call +18009009176 Be sure to inquire in advance if you need help booking your flights.

Come with us and explore the sheer joy of Costa Rica…

Your 10 day guided tour with Zen Recreations

What can you expect from your 10 day tour?

  • We have made our Costa Rican adventure into an ideal worry-free vacation for solo travelers and families. There are lots of activities to keep the kids entertained and activities for mum and dad to enjoy both discovery and a little bit of relaxation.
  • Get close to nature in this stunning high altitude region and savor unique real-time experience, and personal revelation in the natural world: magnificent rain forests, volcanoes and hot springs to name but a few will spark lifelong interest in science, nature and sustainability.
  • When you are at one with nature you will find your life enriched as you relax and breathe in exciting new patterns of living. This is no ordinary vacation. You will soon find out, as you rub shoulders with the mysterious culture and history of old Costa Rica and learn about the power of the mystics and the shamans from our professional guides.
  • Join us for breathtaking adventure as we soar through the trees on a canopy tour by air tram; go kayaking down the Balsa river; bathe in the sublime hot geysers; experience the Arenal volcano and more! Not to be missed!
  • Meet the wonderful welcoming people of Costa Rica and experience their quaint towns, villages and authentic pueblos.
  • And who could possibly pass up the chance of trying delicious Costa Rican coffee first hand.


* For those travelers who were with us in Oaxaca Mexico, this is a continuation of your Central American tour and your onward connection is from Mexico. If you are joining us from any other part of the world we await your arrival in Costa Rica’s Santamaria International Airport (SJO) Alajuela.

**Zen Recreations also recommends you pack mosquito repellent, a sun-visor, a light raincoat, long pants, secure waterproof shoes hat or scarf.

Tip- vaccine.There are a few obscure requirements like a yellow fever vaccine if you’re arriving from some African or South American countries but it’s impractical to list every one for every possible country so if you have any doubts check with your embassy, consulate or airline.The airlines try very hard to make sure they have all the requirements covered before they let you on the plane because they’re responsible for the cost of flying you home if you get turned back at the border.

When You Pass Through Immigration Pay Attention!

  • Visa stamp on the passport
  • Correct date
  • Illegible squiggle for the duration of the visa (should say “90”)

Any of these could cause serious and expensive (immigration fines) problems while you’re traveling around Costa Rica, when you try to depart, or if you make a return visit.