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  Posted Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 6:13pm by Zen Recreations

Come Explore With Us

Hi! We’re Zen.

We make tours inspired by the people who travel with us: you.

In the novel covid era, can your trip be safe? Yes it can, just where we put the pin on the map for small intimate groups of trusted friends and family so you can stay together in your own little world everywhere you go. We recommend business class for your flights from our consolidators for safety comfort and the lowest fare. And the freedom to pick your own dates for your travel. Get in touch with us and we will take it from there: email us experience@zenrecreations.com

With Zen you’ll find 24/7 care, comfort, attention to detail, and enjoyment optimized for a real life adventure, painstakingly perfected to be worthy of your valuable time off.Sleep easy in guaranteed single accommodation - no sharing a room…ever,

Enjoy low or no single supplements,

We believe in value added, thoughtful venues, and enabling conversation (which is where it all starts). We don’t believe travel is just time spent in sight- seeing—it happens when you get involved.

Groups, singles, couples… we do it all. But we super love helping solo travelers have a blast with a bunch of other fun-seekers; we’re matchmakers just for travel!

Invite your friends, in return for bringing us a new customer, we’ll give you 10% off your next purchase with us!

So if you’re on your own this summer, it’s not too late to make a smashing travel success come together – not at all! We know how to sculpt a perfect and treasure-filled trip overnight, so get with us. We’ll quickly have you set up for an excellent escape, put together just the way you want, from time alone to group fun. Take a 10-minute vacation in our primary destinations where every recommendation guarantees a positive customer experience. Shop at your own pace without having ads, pricing, and “buy now” pop-ups, that take away from this experience. Zen is where every recommendation guarantees a positive customer experience.

We’re old hands at providing 100% enjoyment with groups of solo travelers, especially in places you might not want to go alone, so scope out these fantastic travel ideas:


Adventures in Costa Rica-Safe
Fun filled days plus plenty of time to wind down at one of the nicest, most relaxing geothermal wonderlands imaginable. Scroll down this page to learn more about our Costa Rica Tour

Oaxaca, Baby!
Ever dreamed of south-of-the-border scenes full of cantinas, Mezcal and cervezas? Ay yi yi, let’s go! Scroll down this page to learn more about our Oaxaca Tour

Planning a halloween escape  to enjoy Dia de los Muertos? It’s a particularly magical time in this city steeped in rich traditions marked with fun celebrations feasting, parades and live music.The main events take place from October 31st to November 2nd, but preparations and celebrations begin well before in Oaxaca and there are related activities that take place before and after these dates.The excitement is contagious at The 20th November market (Mercado 20 de Noviembre) which is a block away from the Zocalo. For the convenience of our groups, our hotel is 5 min away from all the fun activities in the city.Travelers who book at the right time — wisely — can save hundreds of dollars on air ticket and be assured of a hotel room. Airfare:  along with peak summer and Christmas/New Year’s, Day of the Dead is typically one of the most expensive times to fly down to Mexico.We timed it in such a way you will get to enjoy the festival without paying the premium price. Departure Oct. 29

Please bear in mind we have to secure the hotel rooms 3 months in advance, or they are all booked. If you are ready to book we can send a PayPal invoice as well.

Relaxation – Czech style- Safe
A relaxing respite: Kick back, sip cold beer and watch a marmalade sunset…Scroll down this page to learn more about Czech creativity, history and subterranean mystery on our Czech tour

Magic Montenegro-Safe

Exotic and history-soaked Balkan escapes ranging from wild mountains, canyons and rivers to cities full of blended modern and ancient culture.

Scroll down this page to learn more about our Montenegro Tour

Watch Kotor’s knights in armor live, who rise to the occasion to the lamenting,  plantive song of a princess which struck their heart, pierced by a tender arrow.



Wine + Gastronomie

Does your palate desire intrigue, new flavor, sophistication? You won’t find that sitting at home, so come to Plantaže with us. Never heard of it? Ahhh… methinks you should Google this name! Scroll down this page to learn more about Wine tasting and gastronomie


The world we’re leaving behind, and the one being remade by the pandemic.

This protocol is the blueprint for safe air travel, from the moment of arrival at the departure airport right through to leaving the airport at the destination

Passengers are recommended to practice distancing, hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and use medical face masks, and to declare their COVID-19-related status before receiving their boarding pass. Passengers will also be asked to provide contact information to allow for “track and trace” if someone on a particular flight later tests positive for COVID-19. 

Those not travelling will need to say goodbye to the passenger before they enter the terminal building, except in defined special cases. 

The list of airports located in affected areas with high risk of transmission of the COVID-19 infection worldwide, has been updated here

On Wednesday, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) issued joint guidelines to ensure health precautions for air travel despite the COVID-19 pandemic. If travelers decide not to adhere to them, the agencies advise they be escorted off the premises, or, if in mid-air, treated as unruly passengers.

Furthermore, passengers will now provide contact information on a Passenger Locator Card (PLC). This is to allow for contact tracing should someone on a particular flight later test positive for COVID-19. Anyone displaying symptoms should refrain from traveling, and anyone testing positive within 14 days after travel must notify the airline.

Now, passengers will have to get used to having a prepacked, sealed meal to prevent any viruses from getting in the food.

Touchless vending machines in the boarding area would enable passengers to choose fresh food before the flight by using their smartphones and purchasing it using mobile pay. This would give travellers the choice to consume their meals in-flight or pre-departure. 

Individual boarding notifications via airline apps  To avoid people gathering at the boarding area, only those passengers who will have received their notification will be allowed to proceed.

Final checks at the boarding gate where passengers self-scan their boarding pass.

In the age of sanitised travel, the JetBridge will also comply with social distancing requirements.It will serve as the perfect space for a disinfection tunnel, ensuring that every single passenger stepping onboard has been properly disinfected and are not carrying anything other than their luggage on the flight.

Summer warmth with a splash of social distancing.

We’ll provide as much or as little activity as you like,if you’re *thinking* private small intimate groups of close family and friends of your choice, we’ll make sure your trip hits your whole checklist. Business class fares from our consolidators are lower now. Concerns for travel safety? Well, hotels and airlines feel the same way when they welcome you in this “new” world, expressing their gratitude to have you back. Our primary destinations Czech Republic, Montenegro and Costa Rica, have taken the right approach and are safe, with doubled down safety and extra precautions.


Team Zen

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