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For this year’s big getaway, may we propose a something quietly different? How about “unique + calm + touristy + history”? All these are available in Herceg Novi, and summer is the time to relax and absorb all those time-off things you want to indulge in; shopping and sightseeing gives way to munching and sipping on something entirely new and different. But your Secret Sauce for this adventure is to top it all off with moments of serenity you just can’t find anywhere else.

Unique even among historical sites, the still-functioning Savina monastery compound houses two churches called the “Church of the Dormition” and a third church named after Saint Sava. Savina will provide a dose of calm that (according to some records) dates back to 1030 A.D., and the churches house some of the most important religious relics in existence, including the Crystal Cross of St. Sava, dating from the 13th century. The churches have undergone significant renovations and now represent some of the best Baroque architecture still in use and some of the best preserved frescos predating the Renaissance.

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Festivals in June

The days and nights resound with performances, music events and entertaining programs. Night clubs even post go-go dancers on the main promenade to compete for your patronage. Join the jetsetters who moor their yachts along the marina and stroll in for a drink… 

Budva fest is summer’s traditional grand entry with performers in full regalia. The 9-th edition of “BUDVA FEST” was held from 1 to 5 June in Budva (Montenegro). Groups from Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey and Romania with more than 350 performers participated in the event. Kotor, Herceg Novi and Budva’s merriment continues until September, with singing and dancing folklore and choir musical events.

Check out the live videos of Kotor knights in armor Sunday July 1-2018

If you wish to stay informed of the next EU festival near by, you will find it here.


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