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Win fantastic vino! Another batch of Vranac wine is up for grabs, so enter now!

You love free wine, right? Naturally. Then this monthly giveaway was tailor-made for you and a select crowd of your best friends. Throw the occasional wine night at your place—for free! Just think: Wine served at 16-18ºC in warm weather, paired with some blissful tidbits and scrumptious bites. Mmmm, perfect!

We partnered with Plantaže Vineyard in Montenegro, one of the best, to give us cases of their famous Vranac wine, just for our loyal fans. (They must love us. We said “You wanna…” and they said “Sure!” before we could finish.)

Congratulations to our winners! When you enjoy this lovely wine (and we know you will) please rate us at https://www.facebook.com/ZenRecreations/ and tell us what you think. Your review will earn you yet another special gift of a case of wine as our thanks! We offer top-notch travel and tour services at good prices, and we’d adore your support!

Thoughts will turn to travel, of course. “Where did you get this??” will come up, and your conversation is in high gear.

So set up your best year yet! Start by entering for a batch of wonderful 2013 vintage wine, then web surf into the Plantaže wine paradise online to check out the most awesome summer Euro destination, like, ever.

Wine and bar tips from the professionals to help plan your next soirée. … If you’re hosting a party or event, here are some entertaining tips from our wine host.

The iconic Plantaže estates serve up wine plus gourmet eats on-site and it’ll blow your mind and tastebuds. (It’s a nineteen-star experience if you like wine and food. Seriously. We’ve been there rather a lot, honestly.)Naturally, you can learn all you want about wine-making from the best of the best, but just getting there will be a great adventure. Pair tourism à la Montenegro with delectable food and premium wines. (Yes, “wines”, plural.) And how many folks do you know who’ve ever jaunted around this historic Mediterranean country? By the way, the whole country is a resort get-a-way, from parties in Budva to mountain and water sports to getting lost in the Old Town of Kotor. (Italy? France? Haven’t you already been there? If you haven’t been to Montenegro yet, you’re sliding backwards on your lifelong list of places you have to get to.)

Okay, so get with it! Clickity-click here to subscribe and enter! You may, of course, opt-out any time… but that case of vino? Might be coming to your front door!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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