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Attention fellow wine lovers! This giveaway was made for those of us who enjoy our nightly glass of vino or 2; who love to throw the occasional wine evening for friends, and serve wine at 16-18ºC on blissfull summer afternoons; or who love an easy fun girls night.

We’ve partnered with the fabulous Plantaže Vineyard in Europe, the biggest, might we say, for wine Awesomeness. We are going to give SIX lucky winners at random a free bottle of their superior and famous Vranac wine.

Enter now, and get ready for the best year yet when you decide to visit this vino paradise.  Tour the wine cave and discover the history of this iconic estate and learn about the incredible journey from grape to glass, all while sampling the most delectable food of course:).  Experience a level of refinement in their above-normal tasting rooms.

When you finish this premium wine tasting experience, you will be able to impress your friends with the depth of your wine knowledge!




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